Multi-Function Lithium Battery Pack Capacity Tester BST-10020

Multi-Function Lithium Battery Pack Capacity Tester BST-10020

Model No.︰BST-10020

Brand Name︰BEST

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 300 / pcs

Minimum Order︰5 pcs

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Product Description

Function Features:

1. Test Battery Pack Capacity;
2. Charging to Battery pack;
3. Discharge Battery pack
4. Charge-discharge-charge automatic cycle
5. Test Battery Power Charger current
6. Test circuit board overcharge and overhang parameters

•Accurate and constant current discharge throughout the entire process, current 1A~20A adjustable, maximum input voltage: 100V.
•Applicable battery pack: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V battery pack.
•Different battery types are managed, and the safe discharge voltage is automatically set to effectively prevent the battery from over-discharging.
•Accurately record the charge and discharge capacity and the end voltage of charge and discharge, and more intuitively judge the capacity and quality of the battery.
•Charging management: connect the external charger and the battery to be charged, display and record the charging current, voltage, time, charging capacity, and disconnect the charger and the battery after charging, safe and reliable.
•Set up different operating procedures, save manual switching time, and automatically record the final parameters after the operation is completed.
•Display accuracy: !1%, current and voltage display two digits after the hour, accurate and intuitive measurement.
•The battery input is reversed and the buzzer will alarm.
•Built-in over-temperature detection, abnormal high temperature buzzer alarm and stop working.
•The charging port is mistakenly plugged into the 220V mains, the buzzer will alarm, and the operation will be terminated.

Technical Parameters:

1.Voltage input range: DC 10V-100V
2.Voltage accuracy: !0.5%, two decimal places
3.Maximum discharge current: 20A
4.Step adjustment current: 1A
5.Maximum charging current: 15A (connect the external charger)
6.Current accuracy: !1% to two decimal places
7.Discharge mode: constant current discharge
8.Discharge termination voltage: the minimum protection voltage of the battery pack-2V or low-voltage protection of the battery pack
9.Charging mode: Charging by external charger
10.Charge termination voltage: Current is less than 0.3A, the instrument opens the connection between the charger and the battery
11.Capacity measurement accuracy: !0.05AH
12.Cooling method: dual-roller high-speed cooling fan cooling
13.Equipment power supply: AC 110V-220V
14.Appearance size: 38.7cm*30.2cm*15.2cm


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