8.4V/1A Smart Lithium Battery Charger Solution for Mini Printer

Smart lithium battery charger is designed for portable mini printer in IT industry with functions of identifying host& slave battery and priority charge. This charger has solved the situation that a charger singly or simultaneously charges batteries when multi batteries are in place. It has greatly improved charge efficiency under same size and power. This technology is attached to smart battery charge identify technology field.

  1. Solution requirement of 8.4V/1A smart lithium battery charger for mini printer:
    1. battery has charge identifying function, which could execute charging instruction to host and slave battery through two indicators;
    2. under any charge circumstance, charger would take priority over charging mini printer battery, then charge slave battery. When charging slave battery, as long as mini printer battery is in place, charger could automatically identify and convert to charge host battery; after host battery is fully charged, charger would charge slave batteries;
    3. in the whole charge process, two indicators indicate charge ways: (host charge indicator, slave charge indicator). Red light means charge process, green light show full charge and no light shines without any battery in place.