Smart Battery Solution for Electric Application

Electric Appliction, another significant innovation to world computer technology, is demanding for backup power due to its portable, ultra-slim and multi-functional features. Compared to normal standard cylindrical lithium battery, lithium battery has high- power space utilization, changeable size, ultra-slim nature, high safety and reliability quality. Therefore, it has become the first choice for this top-end consumer electronics as backup power.

  1. Solution requirement of smart battery
    Based on customers’ requirements and specifications, information share between smart lithium battery pack for tablet PC and host devices can be achieved by integrating smart battery fuel gauge with SBS communication protocols and battery safety protection performance into solution. In this way, reasonable, efficient and safe battery management solution can come true. Ultra-slim, high-power, long cycle life, high-safety and high-consistency battery pack is required during the whole solution.
  2. Specific parameters requirements of smart battery
    1.  Cell: domestic first-class brand li-polymer cell;
    2. Appearance: externally packed with classic PET synthetic paper;)
    3. Circuit: precise battery management circuit+ secondary over-voltage protection circuit. Always effectively manage the remaining battery capacity by adopting SBS smart battery management system;;)
  3. Smart Battery Solution:
    1. Output connection terminals: MIN connection terminals. Output defined as 3/P+, NTC, SMBC, SMBD, 3/P-;
    2. Smart fuel gauge PCM: under SBS smart battery management system, precisely calculate capacity, timely report capacity information to host device through SMBUS, and protect the rechargeable smart battery pack (generally refer to lithium battery). Because of chemical characteristics of lithium batteries, protection functions like, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, over current, etc should be provided to avoid fire and explosion;
    3. Temperature protection device (disposable): Mainly test cell voltage, which means temperature protection device works through peripheral circuit when voltage of single cell exceeds 4.45V. Consequently, the whole battery pack can be protected from over voltage;
    4. Over current protection (BREAKER recoverable): have over current and temperature detection functions. When current reaches 2A or temperature reaches 75°C, over current protection works. When temperature decreases, it resumes normal work;
    5. 3.7V lithium-ion cell: high power, ultra-thin, safe, highly consistent;