18650 Lithium Battery Pack Solution for Portable Ultrasonic Machine

As medical technology develops and human material life increasingly improves, portable and household medical devices have become a trend in the medical industry. Portable ultrasonic machine has light, simple and multi-function features. This machine could use high-performance 18650 lithium battery pack to supply power to achieve continuous, high-efficient and stable work.

  1. Requirement of battery solution for portable ultrasound machine:
    Currently, continuous, high-efficient and stable mobile power supply is fundamental to normal work of portable ultrasound machine. High-performance cells in this solution could contribute to high specific energy, light weight, small size, high lifetime, high safety and high consistency of the whole battery pack. In terms of power management solution, smart SBS battery management system is used to efficiently monitor battery safety and capacity.
  2. Battery solution for portable ultrasound machine:
    1. PCM: protection circuit designed for rechargeable smart battery pack. Because of chemical characteristics of lithium battery, protection functions, e.g. smart capacity calculation, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, over current, should be provided to avoid fire and explosion.
    2. AFE/IC (protection IC): constantly monitors cell’s overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, and over current to ensure cell’s safe, stable and efficient work.
    3. Cells: 18650 li-ion cell (Bak).
    4. MOSFET: work as a switch during circuit protection to guarantee stable load voltage.
    5. Capacity management control chip (BQ2085): a fully functional capacity test gauge has two ADC, one testing voltage and temperature, and the other testing capacity and charge sensor. In addition, it has a mini processor responsible for indicating the remaining state of capacity and run time to empty. Main unit can always seek this information from capacity fuel gauge and inform users of the battery information.
    6. Battery sealing: plastic case