Lithium Ion And Lead Acid Battery Pack Charge And Discharge Tester

Lithium Ion And Lead Acid Battery Pack Charge And Discharge Tester

Model No.︰BST-SF-20

Brand Name︰BEST

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 400 / pcs

Minimum Order︰5 pcs

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Product Description


Lithium Ion and Lead-acid Battery Charge and Discharge Test Machine is a specialized battery detection device which integrates with the functions of high-precision capacity discharge detection and high-precision series charging. It can perform the charge and discharge test for the lead-acid batteries, lithium ion batteries and other batteries. It's a high-precision specific instrument which is suitable for EV dealer and battery producer to test the performance of the batteries.

Technical Parameter:

Discharging Test Cut-off Voltage:


0.1V  stepping adjustable

Discharging Current:

9V-21V: 0.5-10A adjustable
21V-99V: 0.5-20A adjustable

Charging Test Voltage:

9V-99 adjustable

0.1V stepping

Charging Current:

0.5-10A adjustable

Discharging Stepping Current:


Charging Stepping Current:


Charging Cut-off Current:

0.1-5A adjustable

Loop Idle Interval:

0-20 MINS adjustable

Max. Loop No.

99 times

Voltage/Current Errors:

<0.03 V/A

The Preset Charging Capacity of Last Loop: 0-99.9AH

 (If 0 is set, it means the charging capacity of last loop is not preset.)




Payment Terms︰ TT in advance

Packing︰ Export wooden box

Lead Time︰ 7 business days after payment

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