LIR Series Li-ion Button Cells

LIR Series Li-ion Button Cells

Model No.︰LIR2016/2032

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.3 / pcs

Minimum Order︰1000 pcs

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Product Description

       By comparison with other rechargeable battery systems, rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries provide you with better performances, such as higher capacity, higher energy density, no memory effect, longer cycle life and faster charging. In addition, lithium-ion batteries have less self-discharge rate, only 5~8% self-discharge of capacity per month. Therefore, lithium-ion battery packs would offer you longer talking hours, smaller size, lighter weight and shorter charging time. 
Charging Technology
       Unlike other rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion batteries request a two-step charging process. The first charge step is to charge a lithium-ion battery with constant current up to its upper limit voltage of 4.2V. The second step is to keep this upper limit voltage as a constant and charging the lithium-ion battery with a current taping down to 1~5% of 1C. Therefore, the termination of charging process for a lithium-ion battery is determined by the current, but not by the voltage. A professional charger is requested for completing the two-step charging process for lithium-ion batteries. The following figure illustrates an example of charging process for lithium-ion batteries. At the first step, your lithium-ion battery receives about 60% of energy by constant current charging. At the end of the second step, your lithium-ion battery would reach the 100% of SOC, that means fully charged.
Model List:

Model Rated Capacity Nominal Voltage (V) Dimensions Cut-off Voltage (V) Weight (g) Working 
Temperature. (°C)
Typical (mAh) Nominal (mAh) Diameter
LIR1620> 12 10 3.7 16.0 2.2 2.75 1.2 -20~+60
LIR2016 15 12 3.7 20.0 1.8 2.75 1.6 -20~+60
LIR2025 30 20 3.7 20.0 2.7 2.75 2.2 -20~+60
LIR2032 40 30 3.7 20.0 3.3 2.75 2.5 -20~+60
LIR2430 65 55 3.7 24.5 3.2 2.75 3.7 -20~+60
LIR2450 120 100 3.7 24.5 5.2 2.75 5.5 -20~+60
LIR2477 180 150 3.7 24.5 7.9 2.75 7.0 -20~+60


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Packing︰ Carton box

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