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Cylindrical Power Battery Automatic Spot Welding Machine BSW-950

  • Cylindrical-Power-Battery-Automatic-Spot-Welding-Machine-BSW-950
  • Cylindrical-Power-Battery-Automatic-Spot-Welding-Machine-BSW-950
Model No.︰BSW-950
Brand Name︰SUN BEST
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 15000 / pcs
Minimum Order︰1 pcs
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Product Description

Cylindrical Power Battery Automatic Spot Welding Machine BSW950 is Automatic resistance spot welders, which 
is designed for the production of the world’s high-class battery 
 manufacturer Cylindrical Power Battery 18650/26650 packs.

1.Equipment power: 4KW, 220V AC input, 50HZ
2.Air pressure; 0.4-0.8Mpa
3.The scope of adaptation: adaptation: 18650/26650/32650, square cell (or similar) in series and parallel combination, realize automatic single side spot welding
4.Suitable for nickel tabs width; no limit
5.Suitable for nickel tabs thickness; 0.1MM---0.4MM (0.2-0.4MM thickness of nickel tabs need to be slotted)
6.Production efficiency: 18650 cell 1800-2000/ hours to calculate the core
7.Standard spot host: BC-380U main welding one (double direction name discharge power 12KW)
8.Welding effect: Welding consistency is very good, uniform, beautiful weld point, pull force more than 12KG
9.Control devices: 7.5 inch touch screen, 3 axis PLC programmer, 2 axis 750W servo and stepper motor,
10.Nickel belt with nickel strip, reduce waste
11.Equipment debugging is simple, easy to learn and easy to understand, fast changing model
12.Spot welding effective area: 34MM (with protective sleeve) direction *15 core X =510MM axis
58MM (with protective sleeve) direction *5 core Y =290MM shaft
13.TDA32-15 pneumatic spot welding power
14.Battery fixture: Factory attached to 1 sets of bakelite fixtures (2)
15.Equipment comes with fault alarm, according to the prompt to clear the fault
16.The device can store 99 sets of data for programming, production random retrieval
17.Product spot welding pass rate: good
18.Production process:
18.1. spot welding parameters by group (0-99 group data) on the touch screen set up and save
You can change the type of automatic retrieval, press the reset button, enter the standby state after rese
18.2. Put the nickel tabs in the mold
18.3. According to the requirements of the electric core into the mold
18.4. After the closure of the upper and lower mold in spot welding track
   18.5. Press the start button to finish the spot welding, and then automatically exit.

· Avoid touching weld spots immediately after the weld has been performed as they will be hot.  
· Always wear safety glasses when working with spot welders and weld heads. 
· Be careful not to pinch fingers in moving weld head parts or between welding electrodes. 
· Remove hand jewelry before welding.



Price Terms︰FOB Hong Kong
Payment Terms︰TT IN ADVANCE
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