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Cylinder Cell Charge And Discharge Capacity Sorting Machine BST-S11-512-3A5V

Model No.︰BST-S11-512-3A5
Brand Name︰BEST
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 5000 / pcs
Minimum Order︰1 pcs
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Product Description


The product is used for lithium battery formation, capacity sharing and performance parameter testing. The master-slave battery comprehensive testing system composed of computer and equipment single chip microcomputer has advanced structure, reliable performance, convenient operation, high efficiency and high cost performance. It is an indispensable production and testing equipment for lithium battery manufacturers, capacity sharing manufacturers and scientific research units.

Structure and appearance of equipment

The equipment structure is mainly composed of the following parts:

1.One CPU board, the whole cabinet is sent for control.

2.There are 64 eight channel constant current plates, which are evenly arranged

in four doors.

3.There are 32 charging switching power supplies with two constant current boards

for each.

4.Two keyboard boards, front and back operation.

5.The height of the battery supported by the clamp can be adjusted from 10 to

100 mm, and the width of the battery is within 32 mm. The battery can be round

or square


Equipment structure

Number of equipment channels

The whole machine has 512 channels

External dimension

Length 1600mm × Width 550mm × Height 1840mm

Chassis color

Black and White(customized)

Fixture form


Fixture spacing

Adjustable from 10mm~100mm

Support battery specifications

Soft pack battery and aluminum shell battery

Working power supply

Three phase five wire AC380-415V±10%,50HZ

AC current distortion rate


power consumption

Lithium battery≤16KW, Ni-MH≤10KW

Power factor


Charging efficiency
of the whole machine


Feed conversion efficiency


Equipment failure rate


Work environment

Tenperature-1040℃relative humidity≤80%

Heat dissipation mode

Natural air intake and upward exhaust

Channel parameters

Voltage measurement

DC 05V

Battery voltage range

Charging     DC 04.5V
Discharging DC 4.50.8V

Surface voltage range

DC 15V

Voltage accuracy

Soil(1% reading +1% fullness)resolution 1mV

Voltage stability


Current range

Charging DA 60mA~6A;discharging DC 30mA~3A

Current accuracy

Soil(1% reading +1% fullness)resolution 1mA

Current stable reading


Software function

Control mode

Computer control equipment work, whole cabinet control, with scanning system

Communication mode

485 serial port communication, baud rate 57600

Process settings

Up to 32 steps and 256 cycle can be set

Charging mode

Current, constant voltage, constant current and constant voltage

cut off condition

Voltage, current, time, capacity-△V

Discharge mode

Constant current

cut off condition

Voltage, time, capacity

Protection function

Over voltage, under voltage, over current, under current, over protection, power-off protection, data Disconnected point recovery

Time frame

0~999 min/step, time unit: min

Time precision


inspection cycle


Battery sorting

Sorting by capacity, time, open circuit voltage, discharge platform and so on.

Date processing

It can record voltage, current, time, capacity and other data, automatically calculate constant current charging ratio, capacity loss, discharge efficiency, average voltage, median voltage and other data, and provide data curve and cycle diagram; It can output text, Excel, word or MDB database format file.

Payment Terms︰TT IN ADVANCE
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