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18650 Series Battery Sled-What Does It Work For?

Publish Date 2019-08-18
18650 Series batteries are most convenient batteries and being used on vaster levels in all niches either it is related to science or arts. These serial batteries work better than other cells and right after the invention, industries are mostly depending upon them. These batteries are used in high-level kids’ toys, cameras, and household items like torch lights etc. The best thing about these batteries is their amazing capacity to run high power equipment and devices and rechargeable ability. Yes, they are easy to recharge and have huge capacity to run bigger equips and machines like camera. Besides this, these can be recharged quickly and too easily.
However, here topic of the discussion is not 18650 battery but actually 18650 Series Battery sleds. Before understanding their functions and care we need to know what these sleds and why are they required to be take care. So, let’s start with defining the 18650 Series Battery sleds and their functions.
A battery sled is the battery holder in which batteries are kept. They are always fitting with the size of 18650 batteries. So, you can say that these sleds are of as uniformed size as of the batteries.
The main function of these sleds is not to hold the batteries but their main function is a bit different and necessary. In other words, you can say that 18650 batteries are nothing without their sleds. To know that we have to understand the formation of sleds and their functions.
These sleds are made of plastic and shape like a rectangle that has several compartments, at least two to four. These compartments are to keep the batteries inside as they are completely going with the size of your batteries. There are also some brands or types of battery sleds having lids over them however not all compartments or sleds come with lids. The main function of these lids is to keep battery protected from falling, dust, or any sort of liquid material etc.
These battery sleds have circuits inside and they come with plugs. These plugs are responsible to attach in the circuits to pass electric current from the electric board to 18650 batteries. So basically, battery sleds are compartments in which batteries are placed to get recharged. There are coiled spring like wires or tabs in flat shape pressed on both sides of the sleds that get pressed when batteries are kept inside them. They offer same functions that springs or tabs of device offer such as passage of electric current. However, in machines they are responsible to pass current to the machines while in sleds they are responsible to pass current to the batteries and make them recharged.
As these sleds perform the most sensitive function for the batteries so they need care while being used and while keeping. How should you be careful with the battery sleds, is written in further lines:
Be careful with 18650 series battery sled?

18650 batteries are made with lithium ions and lithium is known to be most temperature sensitive metals. It means, the ions of lithium start to move in their magnetic field just due to slightest change in the temperature inside or outside world. Therefore, these batteries are not recommended to keep in direct sun, near heat, or in basements because they are always increasing temperatures. Same is the reason to be careful with 18650 series battery sleds. As these sleds are used to recharge 18650 batteries, hence there are chances that a rise in temperature would come in the batteries after sometime of getting recharged.
If you don’t unplug the 18650 series battery sleds from the circuit, there are chances for batteries to get bloated up. Also, if you don’t unplug them, a fluid will start to emit from the 18650 batteries that will not only decrease the life and efficiency of batteries but will also fill the sled with fluid. If these are still not plugged out, the emitted fluid will spoil the battery sled as well and this will not remain worth using.

18650 series battery sled collection?
When it comes to searching for 18650 series battery sled collections, you find various options and colors. It depends that for how many batteries you need sleds. They come in different colors, they come in different shapes however with same sizes. Moreover, some of them come with lids and others come without lids.
Now, if you have only two 18650 batteries, you can choose a battery sled with two compartments. These sleds come in one compartment to 6 compartments. However, in latest brands, you can find more compartments than that. As cameras require more than one batteries and require changing batteries more often, hence camerapersons buy sleds with many compartments or collections so they can recharge many batteries at one time.

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